Putting tips

Putting drills for indoor practice 


While it is important to simulate actual playing conditions, it can be difficult to do so with pretty limited indoor space and also a surface such as carpet or tile.. So practicing indoors should be aimed at improving simple technical skills. 


Coin Drill (Improve strike)


Place a small round coin on the floor in place of your ball. Make a stroke and get the coin to slide across the floor. Repeat this 10 times before ptrying it with a ball.

This will help the angle of attach and improve your strike consistency.


Center strike (Improve Strike and pace control)


Using two small coins, attach one to both the heel and toe of the putter leaving a gap for the centre of the face. From 8 - 10 feet see if you can continuiously strike the centre of the putter without the ball being struck by a coin and diverting off line.


The target (Speed)


Using some tape create a box approximately the size of a golf hole and slightly bigger hole around it. Starting from approximately 8 - 10 feet try and finish your ball in the box.


Putter Fitting

Fitting your putter to the correct length is as, or more important as having your irons custom measured. The incorrect putter length can affect your swing path and strike on the ball making it more difficult to control direction and consistency in distance control.


What do I look for when fitting a putter?


  • The correct posture is vital
  • An eye line into the heel of the putter will give the correct distance away from the ball
  • We fit for stroke type. Straight back or an arc? We will recomment a putter weighted to your swing preferences
  • Look and feel. The individual will always have a preference towards these two areas and we want to make sure that these factors are strongly considered.
  • Grip size. More and more players these days are using a fatter grip, whilst this can help eliminate wrist hinge or flick, a larger grip may not be the correct way to go?

These are just a few of the main factors considered when purchasing a putter. 

Remember over half your shots in a round of golf are struck with a putter, do not overlook the importance of choosing the correct one.


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